Economic Overview

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Total Tax Rate

Flatonia 2.3062
La Grange 2.2274
Schulenberg 2.2260
Smithville 2.7460

This total includes the city, county and school tax rates.

The transportation infrastructure is exceptional in Flatonia, with Interstate-10 running through the City and Hwy 90 and 95 both running through town. Also, Union Pacific has tracks that run both North-South and East-West through the City.


Average Commute Times

U.S. 25.5
Texas 25.4
Smithville 29.5
Schulenburg 15.1
La Grange 21.8
Elgin 28.8
Flatonia 17.5


Flatonia has a wireless Internet infrastructure that is second to none.

Employers have access to a large and well-skilled labor pool, with more than 2,000 potential employees within 15 miles of Flatonia, and an additional 17,000 within a 25-mile radius. To see a complete view of Flatonia’s workforce, click here.